Welcome to my personal blog. My name is Daniel Lukach and if you haven’t noticed yet, I love anything to do with tech, especially electronics! For the past few years I have been learning electronics in and out of school. I am currently a fourth year bachelors student at Stony Brook University studying Electrical Engineering with the hopes to pursue a Phd. When not focusing on my studies, I spend my time working on my research projects at the university. I am currently focusing on two communication projects, one related to PLC (Power Line Communications) and the other related to IR (Infra-Red).

In my leisure time, which frankly isn’t much, I spend my time working on projects at my home lab or studying electrical engineering concepts and topics. I also spend that time playing video games, going to concerts, and hanging out with my friends.

Hopefully, I didn’t scare you away from blog and you enjoy some of the content I will post over the years. I would also like to add, I have an interest in embedded systems and analog devices, including test equipment design. -Daniel Lukach