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The “Super Matrix” a 14 x 14 Arduino Powered RGB Matrix

Last year for my mother’s birthday I was tasked with figuring out what I should give her as a gift. While I could have purchased a card or sweater, I decided to be unique and create a one of a … Continue reading

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Exploring Integrated Driver RGB LEDs

One of my favorite things about electronics is LEDs (Light Emitting Diode). LEDs have many uses from providing a simple output for your circuit or just creating vibrant beautiful colors to please your eye. With this love for the simple … Continue reading

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Arduino Network Monitor

During the winter I decided to purchase a NAS (Network Attached Storage) so I could backup and keep all my work easily in one place between my computers. Over time I noticed that my computer would lose internet connection and … Continue reading

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Ardunio Height Measuring Device

Back in 2012 I began taking a class in robotics where I only had programming experience and zero electronics experience. During the class my teacher introduced me to the Arduino and asked me to stop by the engineering club after … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! Over time I hope to update this website with content from my busy engineering life!

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