The “Super Matrix” a 14 x 14 Arduino Powered RGB Matrix

Last year for my mother’s birthday I was tasked with figuring out what I should give her as a gift. While I could have purchased a card or sweater, I decided to be unique and create a one of a kind gift! During this time, I was introduced to single line addressable LEDs and wanted to make a project using the LEDs. Thus, I came up with the idea to create a 14 x 14 RGB matrix, using the PL9823.  The matrix would add a bit of color to my mom’s work desk and give her something to remind her of me.

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Exploring Integrated Driver RGB LEDs

One of my favorite things about electronics is LEDs (Light Emitting Diode). LEDs have many uses from providing a simple output for your circuit or just creating vibrant beautiful colors to please your eye. With this love for the simple LED, I always enjoy building projects that involve some kind of LED output or display, even if it’s just some a blinking light!

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Arduino Network Monitor

During the winter I decided to purchase a NAS (Network Attached Storage) so I could backup and keep all my work easily in one place between my computers. Over time I noticed that my computer would lose internet connection and connection to my server. With the amount of networking equipment I have running, I tend to have issue finding the source of the error. One afternoon, I decided to think of a quick project to work on. With an Arduino Ethernet board lying on my desk, I decided to make a small device to place on my desk to monitor any device on my local network and also check outgoing internet service.

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Ardunio Height Measuring Device

Back in 2012 I began taking a class in robotics where I only had programming experience and zero electronics experience. During the class my teacher introduced me to the Arduino and asked me to stop by the engineering club after school to work on something new. This project would be the height sensor, my first Arduino project which would be the gateway to electrical engineering for myself.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! Over time I hope to update this website with content from my busy engineering life!

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